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01 June 2007

New mentoring partnership - NCH and Chance UK

Charities develop partnership to offer mentoring programmes to children in need of additional support

This new partnership between NCH and Chance UK, launched 1 June 2007, brings the accredited mentoring model used by Chance UK, to the following new locations - Crawley, Liverpool, Derry and Inverness.

Chance UK, a GoldStar mentoring project and achiever of the Approved Provider Standard from MBF, provides specific and targeted solution focused mentoring for children aged 5-11 years, based on individual needs. The programme is delivered by carefully screened and trained volunteers who are closely supervised and supported.

NCH and Chance UK organised a Volunteer Survey which suggests that more than one in eight men do not volunteer to work with children because they are worried people will think they are a paedophile.  Others identified work commitments and not having enough time as other reasons.  

They are looking to recruit volunteer mentors.  Contact 08457 626579 Monday to Friday (9am 5pm) or visit NCHs volunteering website.

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