Mentoring and Befriending Foundation: APS


Approved Provider Standard (APS)

The Approved Provider Standard (APS) is a national benchmark for organisations providing one-to-one, volunteer mentoring or befriending. It is a national award supported by the Cabinet Office and Department for Education and Skills and aims to provide programmes with a badge of competence and safe practice in mentoring or befriending.

APS aims to ensure the consistency and quality of mentoring and befriending programmes by focusing on the key management and operational areas of the programme including programme aims and management structure, procedures for identification and referral of clients, recruitment, selection and training of volunteers, monitoring of relationships and programme evaluation.


Benefits of achieving APS

  • Recognition for good practice
  • Entry onto a database of approved providers
  • APS is an accepted benchmark by government departments and other funding bodies
  • Certification and use of the ‘Approved Provider’ logo
  • Increased public confidence in mentoring or befriending programme
  • Helps promote your programme to potential clients and volunteers
  • Provides a ‘health check’ of your programme

How easy is it to apply for APS?

Application is by means of a simple application form and submission of documentary evidence. The service is free and confidential and the MBF will support you throughout.

Receive recognition for 'Working Towards' APS

The ‘Working Towards’ category allows organisations to sign up to the key principles of APS in advance of submitting their full application. Once registered, you will have 12 months within which to submit your full application. ‘Working Towards’ organisations receive a registration certificate and are registered on the MBF database.

What do I do next?

Follow the links to the guidance material and application forms at the bottom of this page. For further information and support with your application please contact MBF staff in your region or the national body on 0161 787 8600 or by email.







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