Mentoring and Befriending Foundation: About the organisation

About us

Who we are and what we do

The Mentoring and Befriending Foundation (MBF) provides guidance and support to organisations and practitioners involved in mentoring and befriending.  As the national strategic body, MBF also works to influence policy and practice in the sector and across government.

The MBF has developed a national infrastructure with regional coordinators established in each of the nine government regions with responsibility for engaging with and supporting practitioners in the field.

The MBF is committed to promoting voluntary regulation of mentoring and befriending projects through the Approved Provider Standard, the national benchmark for safe and effective practice.

Based on our ongoing mapping of mentoring and befriending activity we currently reach over 3,000 projects in the Voluntary and Community Sector.  However, this figure continues to rise as mentoring and befriending becomes increasingly seen as an effective way of tackling social exclusion.

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